New species of Bears from Nepal

Nepali Bhalu”- In habited new species of Bears from Nepal:

A recent research reports a new species of small Nepali Bhalu been found inhabited In Nepal-

Evidence of a new species of a ”very agile” small bear or small “Nepali Bhalu” has been found in Nepal by an expedition from the Woodlands Institute of Spruce Knob, W. Va. Dr. Daniel Taylor-Ide, the institute’s director, and Dr. Robert L. Fleming Jr. reported finding ”substantial” evidence of a new species of small Nepali Bhalu. NG-R-38

Dr. Taylor-Ide said the evidence indicates the Nepali Bhalu weighs about 150 pounds and nests in trees 50 feet above the ground.

He said that for years villagers have reported seeing small Nepali bhalu (small bear- like creatures) but scientists have assumed these were sightings of the larger Himalayan black bear. NG-R-37

But evidence collected by his team in February, and again on the current trip, suggests that villagers may have been seeing a different species of Nepali bhalu(bears) inhabiting in the Himalayan regions of Nepal.

The wildlife expedition has spent the past several weeks exploring an area about 20 miles from Mount Everest for the research of these small Nepali Bhalus.

The team found and photographed fresh tracks in snow at 12,500 feet. They indicated a bear weighing about 150 pounds, Dr. Taylor-Ide said